What types of Robotic Surgery does Mr Hoad-Reddick offer?

There are a number of different types of robotic surgery, some but not all of which require a computerized tomography (CT) scan prior to surgery. Mr Hoad-Reddick uses the robotic assistance of NAVIO◊ to physically remove only the damaged bone, preparing the site for the prosthesis, before placing and adjusting your knee implant. 

Mr Hoad-Reddick has completed a number of procedures using this NAVIO Surgical System, a handheld robotics platform designed to aid surgeons with implant alignment, ligament balancing and bone preparation. The NAVIO robotics-assisted system does not require a preoperative CT scan.  Using the NAVIO◊ system, Mr Hoad Reddick will create a 3D representation of the unique shapes and profiles of your knee without the need of a pre-operative CT scan.  This allows patients to receive the benefits of robotics-assistance without the extra steps, costs and significant radiation dose associated with additional preoperative imaging.

How does the Navio work?

The NAVIO◊ System uses an advanced computer program that relays information about your knee so that Mr Hoad-Reddick can remove the damaged surfaces of your knee, balance your joint, and position the knee replacement implant with greater precision.  The technique allows Mr Hoad-Reddick to use your knee anatomy information to determine the correct size and position of the implant, and create a surgery plan unique to your anatomy.

This surgeon guided robotic system is well established, allowing specific planning in patients undergoing knee replacement.  The use of the robot allows Mr Hoad-Reddick to optimise the ligament balance and this is key to enhancing stability of the knee joint and mobility postoperatively.

The system works in conjunction with Mr Hoad Reddick’s skilled hands to achieve precise position of components during surgery. This level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the knee implant/

Robotically assisted orthopaedic surgery has the potential for improving surgical outcomes. There are however significant cost implications and currently limited availability of these techniques. Mr Hoad-Reddick is delighted to be able to offer this service at BMI The Alexandra Hospital.

Please call: HR Orthopaedics office on 0161 722 0007 or alternatively visit http://sncontent.com/navio/navio-surgical-system/ for further information.



For further reading view the Navio Newsletter in PDF.