Mr Hoad-Reddick works closely with surgical recovery app MYRECOVERY to assist patients with their post-operative journey. This is very helpful in supporting patients in optimising their outcome from surgery.

Signing up for the app is easy to do; all we need is your email address to get started which you can give us in clinic, over the phone or via an email. We can then send you a link to download your personalised app with informative videos, physio exercises and useful tips to take you through surgery preparation and recovery step by step.  Please be aware that once you have signed up and download the My Recovery app, you must click LOGIN and not REGISTER.
In addition, always ensure your device has the most up to date OS (operating system) to ensure your device is compatible with the app. 

You can phone the office on 0161 722 0007 or email us on You can also visit myrecovery’s website to learn more about the app and how to get started at