Stem Cell Therapy

Mr Hoad-Reddick is very pleased to be able to offer Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy as part of his Hip Arthroscopy Practice. It is used in cases where the articular cartilage has been damaged. Previously, debridement (cleaning) and microfracture were the only options in the management of cartilage defects in the hip and other joints. Recent advances in Orthobiologics means that newer options now exist in order to regenerate articular cartilage.

In conjunction with established methods, Mr Hoad-Reddick is now offering Bone Marrow Aspirate concentrate Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy to selected patients. This involves microfracture as previously performed with the addition of placement of a 3D membrane, Hyalofast and seeding of the matrix with stem cells harvested from the patients bone marrow which is aspirated at the time of surgery. The resultant 3D scaffold is stabilised with Fibrin Glue.

Early results of this procedure are very encouraging in this difficult to manage patient group.


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