What is hip injection?

Hip injection is performed in selected patients following review in the outpatient clinic. It can be used in the management of hip conditions including labral tears and also in early or established hip arthritis. The indications for hip injection are for hip pain related to intraarticular problems, including labral tear or early hip arthritis.

What are the results of hip injection?

Hip injection can be good in the management of early arthritis of the joint and also in conditions such as labral tear to reduce inflammation in the hip and allow ongoing physiotherapy. Once hip arthritis has become established and there is near complete loss of joint space and destruction of articular cartilage, the results of hip injection become less predictable. Some patients only see very short term or transient relief of symptoms. Some other patients can see longer term relief of symptoms, but the average time of relief of symptoms from hip injection arthritis is in the region of 3-4 months.

What are the risks of injection?

Risks of hip injection include local inflammation, transient numbness from escape of the local anaesthetic around the main nerve down the front of the thigh and very rare reports of infection, which is quoted at 1 in 10,000.

Will I be reviewed following my hip injection?

Mr Hoad-Reddick will tend to follow patients up 6-8 weeks following their hip injection. Ultimately, Mr Hoad-Reddick will decide on how many follow-up appointments will be required as some patients may have more or less than the routine amount.