Adam Hoad-Reddick is a specialist hip and knee surgeon who offers outpatient appointments at CHG The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle and at The OrthTeam Centre in Didsbury. He sees a wide range of patients from world class athletes to patients with early onset and age-related arthritis.

Adam Hoad-Reddick has a well-established full-time practice in specialist hip and knee surgery. His areas of particular interest involve:

  • Early onset and age-related arthritis of the hip
  • Sports related hip problems
  • Femoro-acetabular impingement
  • Developmental hip problems
  • Knee problems
  • Cartilage and ligament damage of the knee
  • Early onset and age-related arthritis of the knee

There are daily outpatient clinics (including evening clinics) and operating lists three days a week.

Mr Hoad-Reddick has considerable experience in revision hip and knee surgery and offers stem cell therapy for cartilage damage in selected cases.

He carries out the following surgical procedures:

  • Primary and revision hip replacements
  • Hip arthroscopy with labral repair and reconstruction
  • Primary and revision knee replacements
  • Knee arthroscopy with meniscal resection
  • Stem cell therapy

Mr Hoad-Reddick is recognised both locally and nationally for his clinical expertise and high-quality care. He aims to deliver high quality care with a professional outlook. His regular teaching, research and lecturing supports his ongoing commitment to orthopaedic excellence. He takes responsibility for maintaining his knowledge and skills in order to offer the best orthopaedic advice to patients and colleagues.